Frankie Edgar to Conor McGregor: "Stop faking the funk. Don’t just say it, let’s follow through on it"

2. 9. 2019

Last month, Conor McGregor sat down for an interview where he apologized for his actions this summer and promised to get back to the business of fighting. He then went on to name a few possible opponents for his return to the cage, and one that stood out more than others was Frankie Edgar. Edgar, of course, is coming off a loss to Max Holloway for the featherweight title but McGregor said that did not concern him because of the history and respect between the two of them.

McGregor and Edgar were tentatively supposed to fight once before, after McGregor won the featherweight title. But instead, McGregor moved up to lightweight to chase a second title and was then side-tracked by his sudden rivalry with Nate Diaz. In all the hubbub that ensued, Edgar fell by the wayside but now that McGregor has called him out by name, Edgar is once again hopeful that now may be the time for them to finally fight.

“It gave me hope that maybe I can get a fight with him,” Edgar told in recent interview. “I’ve been trying to fight this guy for a really long time. I know he’s mentioned my name before so who knows if it’s just him throwing a lot of sh* t at the wall and seeing if something sticks but I’m game, he knows I’m game, and I know I’m supposed to go down to bantamweight but I would obviously delay that for the McGregor fight.”

Edgar is currently planning a drop to bantamweight to make one final title run there where big fights with Dominick Cruz and Henry Cejudo await him. However, there are obviously some major incentives for Edgar to put off that move, namely financial but also, Edgar says, for his legacy. The former lightweight champion says that McGregor is a historic fighter and that having fought him is something he wants to look back on and say he did. He even says he’s willing to fight at welterweight if that’s what McGregor wants.

“It’s no secret Conor’s the biggest star in the sport, or at least one of them,” Edgar said. “With that comes a lot of attention. He’s gonna be remembered, for sure, twenty years from now and I want to have that guy on my record."

“I’ll fight wherever he wants to fight. We can do it at welterweight if he feels. He’s gonna be bigger than me no matter where we fight at so, I’m game. I’ve been trying to watch my weight a little bit knowing that bantamweight is coming but I wouldn’t mind pouring some pounds on now.”

McGregor has also mentioned that he is looking to get back in the cage this year, and that lines up perfectly for Edgar. Frankie says he is also trying to fight once more before the year is out, whether that’s against McGregor or at bantamweight, and he’s ready to go whenever. He even says he’d fight McGregor tomorrow if that’s what he wanted to do.

“[I’d fight him] tomorrow,” Edgar said. “I’m game. I want to fight before this year is out as well, whether it’s at bantamweight or McGregor, but yeah if he wants to get down this year, I’m 100 percent in.”

Of course, as Edgar said, Conor throwing his name out in an interview is far from a genuine fight offer. McGregor has been linked to many opponents in the past without having the fights come to be. This summer alone McGregor was rumored to be in negotiations to fight Donald Cerrone and Justin Gaethje and Frankie doesn’t want to be another name on that list of “could’ve beens”. Speaking to McGregor directly, Edgar told the former champ-champ to stop talking about it and start being about it.

“Hey let’s stop faking the funk. Don’t just say it, let’s follow through on it and get it done. I’m game any weight, any time, we could do it really anywhere. That’s a fight that you get remembered for.”

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