What about Max Holloway vs. Tony Ferguson for interim lightweight title?

17. 2. 2019

Max Holloway called out Tony Ferguson for interim lightweight title bout in a unique way.

Holloway got this idea and he went for it. He edited wikipedia page for UFC 236. You can see in photo below. Very unique and creative way to call someone out. 

Holloway is in a 13-fight winning streak at featherweight, and after his last title defense against Brian Ortega, there was some talk about moving up to lightweight for this very match up. 

But actually Ferguson "called him out" first. 

After his fight with Ortega he twitted:

"Woooooooooo!!!!! Good Job Both Fighters!! Love To See That Kind Of Entertainment!!! @BlessedMMA #ufc231 Enjoy The Victory, If @TeamKhabib Ducks Me Let’s Run It - Respect"

UFC president Dana White is in full agreement with this fight!

I love that. I love that sh-t. Right on, Tony” 

White had already stated that he feels Holloway may be “too big” to keep fighting at featherweight, and that moving up to 155 pounds might be the more viable option. He reiterated this statement at the presser, noting how many other great opportunities can open up if Holloway does make the jump.

I want what’s right for Max. What’s right for Max might not necessarily be what’s right for the division, but we’ll figure that out, after his last issues, I think it would be better for him physically, and every other way, to move up to 155 pounds."  White said. 

There are a lot of fights for him at that weight. I think everybody in the top five is an interesting, exciting fight for Holloway. That’s why I say that I think there are bigger and better things for him at 155 pounds. We’ll see if he agrees.”

Would you want to see this fight? Of course you do!

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