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    Page 7 80 (: 959)

    Tyson Fury channeled Evander Holyfield in stoppage of Deontay Wilder

    24. February 2020

    The lore of Tyson Fury began long ago.

    There was his premature birth and skyscraper height, his post-fight singalongs, his out-sized personality and ring flair, his many, many victories. But the night he truly became a legend came in Las Vegas on Feb. 22, 2020, on a night he was supposed to lose. He had been knocked down twice in the first fight with Deontay Wilder and was the underdog in the rematch. He came in 16.5 pounds heavier than the first time around. He switched trainers just seven weeks before this fight. He sustained a cut that was slow to heal and threatened to open at the touch of Wilder’s power. He declared that he would change his defensive style to put himself in harm’s way in pursuit of a knockout.

    Page 7 80 (: 959)